Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Signing Out for a Long Weekend

While it is certainly true that mighty oaks from little acorns grow, it's not always desirable to end up with a huge oak tree in your flowerbed.

 I'm putting the family records away for a few days while I work on re-vitalizing the writer side of my life.  Genealogy is great fun. I understand how some people can spend their entire lives working on the reconstruction of their family trees. But it can also be too seductive. As more and more records become available from places like Fold3 and, the temptation is always there to follow each separate family branch until you have not just a little sapling of a family tree but one of those huge spreading oaks. Now I need to step back and remind myself that not every family connection needs to be laid out for the reader of a historical novel.  For that, I need a gathering of like-minded writers, and I just happen to know of one. So, off I go to find inspiration, encouragement, and guidance from the members of the Military Writers Society of America.  We'll get back to work on family stuff next week.

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