Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aunt Lola and the Devil Chair

 Lola and Frank Connor when they were first married.

This chair was hand-carved in Ohio in 1905.  Uncle Frank  gave it to his wife Lola as a wedding gift. 

It's called The Devil Chair, and it came with explicit instructions. It must sit in the living room, facing a window. Why? Because if the Devil comes by, he'll look in that window, see the chair, think there's already a devil living in your house, and he'll go elsewhere.

  Can you see the face in this close-up? Find the eyes first, and then the rest -- a flat nose, a sneering mouth with huge fangs, a stylized beard, and elaborate curving horns -- all appear.

I grew up being terrified of that chair. When we visited, I couldn't take my eyes off of it for fear the Devil would jump out. So what did Aunt Lola leave me in her will? Naturally, the Devil chair! And yes, it  sits in my living room facing the window. I've owned it for 55 years, and, so far,  it seems to have worked! 

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