Saturday, June 4, 2016

Another Free Book for Lovers of the Low Country of South Carolina

Left by the Side of the Road is a collection of short stories about life in South Carolina's Low Country during the Civil War. It is not a continuous novel, or even a novella. There is no single plot or story line. The collection is simply that--a series of glimpses into the past. 

What do they have in common? Some of these people have appeared in A Scratch with the Rebels and Beyond All Price. Others made cameo appearances in The Road to Frogmore. All of them are here because, even though their stories were fascinating in their own right, they did not fit into the novels where they first appeared. These are characters and events that were literally "left by the side of the road" as other historical novels took shape. These vignettes allow them to speak for themselves. Together they provide a multi-faceted glimpse into the stories behind the Civil War. 

Meet some fascinating people here: Slaves abandoned by their owners when the Union Army invaded coastal South Carolina . . . Government officials charged with reorganizing captured territory . . . Army officers and the women who accompanied them . . . Free blacks determined to rescue their brothers and sisters from slavery . . . An opera singer with a penchant for pornography . . . Abolitionists with competing visions for the future of newly-freed slaves . . . A talented and sympathetic nurse who was once a runaway, a fugitive from justice, and a battered wife . . . 

This short story collection is now available on Kindle Select. Members of KOLL or Amazon Prime can read it for free today. And starting tomorrow and running through midnight on Tuesday, [June 5-7, 2016] anyone can download a personal copy of Left by the Side of the Road.

-- Compliments of the author, as well as all these interesting folks who keep demanding to have their stories told.