Friday, September 29, 2017

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A note of explanation is probably due here to explain where I have been all week. Starting last week, just as I was gearing up to do a major blitz campaign about my new book, Henrietta's Journal,  the blog site attached to my company website went into a major revolt. The website still works. It is possible to go back and read old blog posts. I can tweak the website as a whole. (I just made some changes today.) But I cannot post anything new on the "Roundheads and Ramblings" blog site.

Why? No one seems to know! I am developing a lengthy history of e-mail correspondence with Vistaprint's technical support team. We're all now on a first-name basis. They've been comforting and "supportive." At first they said, "We'll fix it immediately." Then they said, "Have found the problem. Give us 24 hours." Then it was  "48 hours." And today their message read:

Hi Carolyn,

The issue is still being worked on and currently it looks like it may be resolved in the next couple of weeks. I will write back as soon as I have any additional updates or info.


My response to that message was an intolerant "You've got to be kidding!"

Somehow, I am no longer reassured by their attentiveness, particularly since so much should be going on right now. I intended to have several posts up about the new book to encourage my readers to get their copy. And now, looking ahead, I am ready to announce the first cover reveal for the next Katzenhaus publication--a revised edition of the always popular The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese. Instead, I've been writing complaint messages and trying to explain what's going on at this end.

The upshot is that I am shifting all blog activities to this Blogger site, hoping that faithful readers will continue to follow me over here for the foreseeable future. I'll spend some time over the weekend making amends to Henrietta and her Journal for neglecting her, so look for some extra postings. And then on Monday, we'll hold the cover reveal for The Second Mouses Goes Digital: Self-Publishing Comes of Age.

I hope you'll bookmark this site:

Then please share the link to help me reach across these broken lines of communication.  Thanks!

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