Sunday, July 16, 2017

Reviving This Blog with a Bit of Good News

Some of you have been listening to me complain this past week about two ongoing problems. One of my old cats has absolutely refused to eat, and she has been visibly losing weight, particularly in the hips, her haunches, and even, believe it or not, her tail.

At the same time, the blog-hosting service I use through Vistaprint has been wonky. The website and old blog posts appear, but I can make no changes, nor can I add a blog post. This morning, however, both problems seem to be nearing a solution.

 First, the cat. Nutmeg has been refusing to eat for the last two weeks. I've spent hours going back and forth to the grocery to buy new gourmet cat pate, only to have her turn up her nose and hobble away. The most I could get her to do was to lick the gravy from a spoonful of "gourmet tuna bits and gravy." But she refused to try to chew anything. I have been reluctant to subject her to the dangers of the complete wellness panel the vet wants to run since it involves long anesthesia, and she is both weak and old -- going on 16.

 Then this morning, she yowled loudly to get me out of bed and then leaped onto the bathroom counter. She head-butted me away to have a long drink at the faucet while I was trying to wash my face. Then she proceeded me to the kitchen, mumbling under her breath the whole while about the slowness of the service in this joint. And she muscled all the other cats away to be first in line at the first food bowl when I poured out the usual portions of dry kibble. The last I saw of her, she was happily munching away as if nothing had ever been wrong.

 Vistaprint hasn't solved their problem--one technician I talked to was amazed to discover that when she tried to access my blog she encountered exactly the same problem I was describing. Hello? So they are working on it, and the good news--they've given me a free month's service (?) to make up for the inconvenience.

 Better news? I worked on the Blogger interface yesterday and discovered all sorts of improvements I could make. So for the next few weeks, we'll be back here, deciding if the change should be permanent. Let me hear from you if you have an opinion about which blog service works better.

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