Saturday, October 29, 2016

What's All This Stuff about Pre-Orders?

Let’s talk about pre-orders. If you spend any time exploring Amazon’s Book Department, you know that major publishers almost always offer their books for pre-ordering — sometimes as much as six months to a year in advance of the publication date. if you order the first book in a series from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you are almost certain to get an e-mail inviting you to pre-order book number two.  Now Kindle Books are also offering pre-orders.  Why? What’s in it for the author or publisher?  And what’s in in for you, the reader?

Take a look at the reader first, using my upcoming book as an example.  it’s early November, and Yankee Daughters won’t be available until December 7, 2016. Why would you want to order it now? Well, first, there’s the simple matter of forgetfulness (and that’s something that happens to everybody, not just us seniors.) Between today and December comes the whole holiday season that starts this month, with all of its distractions. And when December arrives, you’re going to be exhausted. Will you remember to order my book on December 7th? Probably not. But if you have pre-ordered it, it will arrive, just when you need an excuse to take a break from wrapping packages and baking cookies.

You’ll find cost-savings, too.  Most pre-orders carry a reduced price tag. Yankee Daughters is available for pre-ordering at $2.99.  On December 7th, the price will be $4.99.  What’s even better, you don’t have to pay a thing until the book ships. So order it now and by the time your bill arrives in January, you won’t even notice that you’re paying for it.

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